New Hotel in St Germain


Hotel Montana,
Saint -Germain des Prés district

Le Montana is reviving its history and becoming a hotel once more. Reminiscent of the time it was attended by the cream of the existentialists, then by Grace Jones and other friends.

Manoeuvring the crazy project are architect Elisabeth LemerciAncreer and designer Vincent Darré. The marriage of water and fire. A streamlined structure versus baroque décor. Behind the black façade, the 6 suites (one per floor), in the model of eccentric Parisian apartments, are directly serviced by a lift. These 6 little worlds are extravagantly chic in their use of volume, inspiration and colour, and have various amenities to ensure their occupants never get bored. The common theme is a tribute to the surrealists. A palette borrowed from Le Corbusier, designer furniture mixing with '50s pieces, multiple mirrors, curios, ...

Le Montana masters the mixing of genres in both its décor and choice of clientèle.

On the first floor, its restaurant La Gauche Caviar provides the opportunity to feed on heart of Salmon or Petrossian Caviar the Russian way, off the back of ones hand, in a hushed atmosphere evoking the library of a Germanopratin intellectual. Otherwise, cocktails and beautiful people from 6pm to midnight at the bar on the ground floor.


Contact us

Hôtel Montana
28, rue Saint-Benoît
75006 Paris

+33 1 53 63 79 20

Restaurant La Gauche Caviar
28, rue Saint-Benoît
75006 Paris

+33 1 01 53 63 79 23


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